Never go to cheatgome and jc4x4 site!!!!

June 18, 2008 at 4:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 28 Comments

I dont really blame cheatgnome i blame jc4x4! here is how it started… I went on cheatgnome site like 5 days ago and there was a contest who eveer commented the most won a beta soooooo i commented 734 times!!! and noone got close to that then the contest ended today!! Then jc4x4 posted the winner and he said tren56 won and he didnt i only think he commented 126 thats not even close to 734 comments and someone commented on cheats site and said but marinekallo won then jc replied sorry he didnt……………… then at that moment i wasssssss sooo saddd jc is a sick person!!!!!



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  1. Nice Site! I hope you fix those problems!


  2. i need ur help we are goign to

  3. dude if you report me i will get you shut down. if you report anyone report jc not me.

  4. jc4x4’s site is so report that sit not mine.

  5. i mean site,

  6. i did report jc i didnt report u

  7. DUDE why would u report u, i like u as a friend i hate jc!! thats why i told jc to take away jc site until he gives me the beta!

  8. ok sry for getting mad at you about that.

  9. how many hits do you have today? i have 1293 that’s real good for me!
    if you need hits i could get you some by making a post to go to your site if you want?

  10. are u seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could u plz!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i would do anything for u now!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat do u want seriously!!!!!!!! i would get u anything

  11. but wat are we going to do i want that beta if i get it i will share it with u if i get it

  12. are u still there

  13. im back

  14. ya i will do that and i dont know about the beta i will ask jc why he dident give you it.

  15. cool im being crowded by like 7 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ok thank u

  17. no prob! ok the people left

  18. wat people?

  19. i cant make the post until my membership contest is done.

  20. the people i was talking about where on clubpenguin.

  21. oh yahh i understand u want everyone to see that thats wat i do

  22. i dont get it why isnt jc giving me the beta

  23. what do you mean oh yahh i understand u want everyone to see that thats wat i do? and i dont know why. have you done anythinng to him in the past?

  24. nooo!! i never talked to jc i barley knew him i never went on his site! And i understand because u kno ur contest its when u logon ur wordpress or go on ur site u see the contest the 1st post first and u want everybody to join it instead of them scrolling down and they might not scroll down thats wat i do

  25. hello hey could u vote on my post wat server should our home server be

  26. ya i will

  27. ok thanx!!

  28. are u still here?

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