Summer Party and new stage!! and party reminder!!!!

June 14, 2008 at 2:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 27 Comments
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Theres way more fun stuff around the island! it would be fun for new members or non members… theres come cool stuff at the dojo im gald the octupus!! hes mt best friend lol!

The new stage will cheer me up! wow! preustoric time! when i was i kid i luved dinosaurs!!

new item at the plazaTheres the really rare yellow duckie at the cove

Theres a new item at the beach! its a shell neckalace..

omg this dance club looks exlactly like last years!! wats up with that!!

Hey guyz i hope u come to my party plz i will be recording adding people put it on youtube plz come! This is going to be my first party i hope u come!!!!! i will be recording and adding people and post it on youtube!! sooooo my party its today!!!!!!! today!!!!!!! at 7:30 pacific time! if u lived somewhere in the east u would come at 5:30 or something….. !! its on frozen!!!!frozen!!!!!frozen its on frozen!!!!!! at the iceburg!!!!! ICEBURG!!!! ICEBURG!!!!! IT WIL BE A AWSOME PARTY AND IF ALOT OF PEOPLE COME I WILL DO SOMETHING SOOOO GREAT FOR MY SITE I MIGHT GET A CSS OR UPDATE SOMETHING THAT IS AWSOME MAYBE EVEN A CONTEST!




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  1. hey marine mine starts 30 mins before urs. R we gonna meet up somewhere and for a huge party still?

  2. Yah lets do that! ill be there for ur party then ill tell them to go to the iceburg then all my people will be alll one huge group!! lets do it! ill record

  3. hey ksa u there

  4. ya

  5. yup

  6. can i be like the specail guest?

  7. ok lets do a vid in 2 weeks kk
    cause im having a party today at frozen the dock at 7:30 pacific time soooo and im going to record there and post it on u tube and i only wanna focus on that! and also im really busy! but we can do it in a week or 2 maybe in 5 days if im not busy! soo yah

  8. ok sure

  9. comment at my site when u decide when

  10. ok trust me it will be soon

  11. oh ya u already know my site its in the blogroll sorry


  12. whats 7:30 pasific time in cp time?

  13. its alright!

  14. rsoooo wanna come to my party!

  15. in cp i think it might be 5:30 or something idk

  16. u there

  17. yes i am

  18. brb

  19. its 5:30 cp time rigth now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ITS TIME TO PARTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. I missed it. 😦

  23. i had 2 go gawking at the flood damage and noone came 2 my party 😦 Maybe is houldnt do party if noones gonna come

  24. i mean 7 30 pm!!!

  25. o i rescheduled it for 9:00 central time (30 mins before urs starts). And im having one tomorrow 2 so ppl can come!

  26. cool thats a great idea!

  27. i would do that but i wouldt wanna copy ur idea

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