Party now!!! my party!!!

June 14, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 90 Comments

Hey its marinekallo im having my party in 5 min sooooo go oN FROZEN,RIGHTNOW!!!!!!,ICEBURG!!!!,I WILL BE RECORDING!!!!!!!! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO NOWWWWWWWWW IF U WANT TO BE ON U TUBE AND ON MY WEBSITE AND BE MY BUDDY[ A BUNDLE LOL! ]!!!!!!!! SOOOO GO NOWWWWWWW FOR ALL THE FUN!!!!!!!




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  1. sory marine i didnt make it i was gone

  2. thats alright

  3. You had another party, too? Aw,

  4. lol

  5. sorry i had to dlete that word beacuse someone can report me and ill get my blog taken away soooo thatsy lol! sooo wat do u wanna talk about

  6. sry i dident come. i was at my friends house. and did you know mohd222 got hacked.

  7. AGAIN!!!! OMG!!!

  8. Please dont ask to be on my blogroll if you dont meet the hit requirement. It fills up my Inbox.

  9. Ok sorry

  10. aww man i didnt make it
    im strancp friend
    i need some hits
    can u visit my site??
    i added u to myh blogroll
    ur cool
    i go on cp
    my name is Duder28
    could u be an admin on my site
    this is the link
    comment a lot plz
    and help me get hits

  11. sure vic ill be a admin for ur site and ill put u on my blogroll!

  12. do u think u could be my buddy on cp
    and be an admin on my site
    i need hits

  13. how did u know i was vic

  14. ???? creepy???
    wats ur e-mail

  15. well i get youst to call people vic because my basketball coaches name is coach vic sooo we hav to call him that…… i knew that ur name wat vic because victor is short for vic lol! and ill be a admin

  16. ohh i had a pengy named Victorino008
    who got banned forever 😦
    so i now go on Duder28
    wats ur e-mail

  17. yo marine, white and i are having another commenting contest. it’s the third post.

  18. tell me ur exact e-mail
    on a comment it doesnt work for comment for wordpress on my site
    unless you comment it

  19. -vic my email is

    -blackmist100 hey bmist i already saw ur post of the contest sorry i dont think im going to join sorry

  20. hi ___*bm!$+*___aka blackmist100
    hey wait a minute Blackmist100??
    sounds familiar

  21. lol_lol_lol

  22. ok i made u an admin
    so leave a post telling about yourself and also plz tell ppl to go to my site to get hits ok

  23. yo bmist im going to do a vid [ cpmv ] in like 1 week! its going to be stop and stare by one republic

  24. o thx for making me an admin

  25. sooo yahhh

  26. soooo b_mist how are you doing!

  27. leave a post on my site
    and then u think u could maybe tell a lot of people about my site so i could get a lot of hits plz

  28. ok marinekallo

  29. i dont like riley he was such a jerk to me on cp…….. i said hey i kno u im b_mist friend then she said he didnt care then i said ok wanna be friends then he said to me no your a nerd sooo go away and then i said ok then i left

  30. sure!!

  31. ill go post something on ur blog!

  32. ok and tell ppl about my site

  33. also it says ur an admin right

  34. r u almost done

  35. ok i posted a post on it we will hav a commenting contest that gets u soooo many hitz!!! and ill probaly put a rare penguin up for a prize thats mine and its a member! and i might put a 1 month membership card up there

  36. i saw the post
    what will the prizes be
    also tell everyone on ur site
    in a comment that im gonna have a comment contest
    and thx id love 500 hits each week
    post saying my site and the prizes so i could

  37. ok awesome
    also leave a post on ur site saying that there will be a comment contest so that a lot of people will come

  38. well i wont advertise ur site because people will report me then i would my site taken and urs will too! sooo yah! And ill tell my fans in my next post which will probaly be tonight or tommrow morning… ill tell them that this is my friend and he needs help with hitz and hes having a contest with rockin i mean rockin prizes then ill leave a link to ur site…. but in the next post!

  39. can u tell me the penguins name and pass so i can show the penguin what pengy we will give away. I dont bann and if your thinking then how did Victorino008 get banned it was because of a hacker.
    Also delete the comment right away!! Ok!!

  40. like the player card of the pengy

    and by the way thanks for helping me out

    u rock

  41. no problem any time ok! the peng in

    I’ll get another peng thats rarer but ill look for it

  42. ok do u hav it!

  43. and vic if ur peng got hacked call cp and say that u got hacked? then they will unbann u

  44. u there

  45. i no i gtg

  46. ok cya!

  47. wtf?!?!? Marine if ur gonna add urself 2 my blogroll dont put “the best site ever” because its not fair to the other ppl on my blogroll and why did u remove from my blogroll????? Marinekallo2- im sorry i guess i got a lil greedy i deserve to not be a admin for u ill just take myself off since i made a big mistake

  48. just take me off ur site plzz i cant be trusted

  49. im not gonna take u off im just saying dont remove ppl from my blogroll and dont go overboard with tht stuff

  50. just remove me i dont deserve to be a admin for ur blog and i was not fair to the other people! soo just remove me!

  51. ok im back marinekallo
    umm when will u do that post

  52. marine it isnt tht big of a deal.

  53. r u talking to me??

  54. also
    visit my site

  55. spike!! i hav to learn! my punishment is that i cant be a admin for ur site. tear tear

  56. lol u want to have a punishment so ur punishment is not 2 have a punishment

  57. spike
    go to

  58. plz

  59. wow u got a lot of hits today

  60. victorin go to ill go to urs

  61. ok
    leave a lot of comments

  62. I’m have a summer party and you’re invited, to look at all of the info go to
    Hope you can make it!

  63. hiii!

  64. hye nice site! Check mine out also thats a really good vid

  65. marinedaking rocks1!!!!!!

  66. ok back uhhh stran ill be there! andd yahh!

  67. lol i commented
    i missed prty tho

  68. hey wanna be in a cpmv ill tell u wat to do at cp

  69. hey umm
    when r u gonna make the post on ur site
    and the comment contest post for mine
    there is a lot of people on so this is a good time

  70. also can i be in cpmv
    i would love too 🙂

  71. yah vic u can be in a cpmv in 3 days im already working on one!

  72. ok sweet tell me what to say and make the post on ur site to come to my site
    and make the comment contest post on my site now ok
    i already told 5 sites about it

  73. u leave a post saying to go to my site
    then on my site u leave a post saying comment contest

  74. good for my post now make a post on ur site saying to go to my site

  75. y do u need my fans to tell my fans to go to ur site

  76. so this coulg get a lot of ppl to go to my site and get hits

  77. so will u

  78. Wat do u mean…… dude u dont see everybody on their website saying to go to this certain site it has a contest!

  79. hey!ok i added u to my blogroll! my site is and plz add me to ur blogroll!

  80. ok ill put u on after i finish my vid!

  81. Please come here

  82. marine wanna do a cpmv sometime or something?

  83. Kinda bad timing, but how is (that word) a bad word? If I’m not mistaken, I remember u cursing me and Spike out about a month ago for no reason.

  84. i kno i kno its not a badword but other people think it is like 8 or 9 year olds then thell report me then ill get my site taken away! AND SPIKE! I JUST GOT ODNE WITH MY CPMV MY FIRST ONE ILL POST IT ON YOUTUBE! BUT I HAV TO GET THE MUSI ON IT I DID LOVE IN THIS CLUB BY USHER FEAT. YOUNG JEEZEY!

  85. ok many people r in the comment contest

  86. wow great job ur really going to get a lot of hitz now maybe 600 a week!

  87. dude vic report starn he keeps on cussing on ur site and mine!

  88. nice post dude!
    nice site!
    i added u on my blogroll 🙂 !
    Ur turn 😀 !

  89. wats ur website?

  90. Hey marinekallo, could you add me to your blogroll? I have 1,716 hits and need more. I’ll add you if you add me.

    Waddle on,

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