June 13, 2008 at 3:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 18 Comments

there!!! at the dock at frozen i saw two betas [ Phat fano and fano and!!! helen 2k5!!] yah sooo thats pretty cool… PS: I SAW FANO AT THE ICEBURG!!!

also if u looking for some newspaper info go below!! REMEMBER DONT FORGET TO GO TO MY PARTY!



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  1. I was there too!

    I saw 10-20 betas 8)

  2. wow! thats amazing!

  3. me and source where on clubpenguin and talking and bikeboy start’s yelling saying move im fillming. i dont like bikeboy he is mean.

  4. yah i guess soooo

  5. hey dude can u get me on mixtureys blogroll

  6. Fano and Phat fano are the same person
    ~fish alot~

  7. ohh lol i never knew that!

  8. why do you want me to get you on mix blogroll?

  9. hey u there!

  10. ya i am now.

  11. ok could u get mixturey to get me on his blogroll

  12. Helen 2k5 is my buddy. He is nice, but sometimes isnt. Can you put me on your blogroll? Thanks dude!

  13. by the way my site is

    – marinekallo…. i might but on the other hand u called me a perperte and soo yah i might

  14. helen 2k5 is chewy pup and pano and phat fano r the same person

  15. ohh ok

  16. helen2k5 is my buddy

  17. wow thats amazing!

  18. fano and phat fano look alike
    a lot alike
    something smells fishy again
    oh it’s just my husband…he’s eating catfish agian
    lol corny but funny lol

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