My party!!!! June 13!!! end!!!!! of!!!! school!!!!! take that misss.sternburg!!![my techer]

June 4, 2008 at 1:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 12 Comments

yes i will be having a party!!! its going to be awsome….. ok my party is june 13, friday!!! at 7.00 pacific standerd time!!!!! iwll be recording and i will post it on u tube and on my website!! i will be adding people to my buddylist!!! its at frozen at the iceburg!!!! everyone is invited!!! whoever crowds me or celebrates in my party i will addd them if u hav anymore quetions plz ask me! thank u bye -marinekallo



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  1. i might come, i still have school. i have summer vacation on june 17th

  2. wow!!!1!!!!! when do u go back i go back to school somewhere in june!

  3. Yo Marinekallo, its hershey655. I’m going to the party. I might have school so. ill still come

  4. hey hershey hmm wat song do u wanna do for the cpmv music vid

  5. wat song do u wanna do??

  6. umm…… idk……..

  7. well its ur choice because ur quiting

  8. ummm…. It Ends Tonight

  9. u mean it ends tonight by all american rejects

  10. dude i go back to school soome time in augest

  11. i get out the 12

  12. What time is that in Central Time in the US?

    Tell me on my site!


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