Ideas for the summer!! yah summer no school!!!!!

June 3, 2008 at 2:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

hey guyz!! waz upp im thinking about ideas for this summer for my website!! im thinking of a post like wat u guyz will do this summer im going to maui and its going to be the first time ill go on a plane! and im super scared ill take about 5 hours to get there P.S. i live in california,cammarillo……………. soo yah im thinking of putting a new page and making some vidz this summer and we will hav more contests and ill probaly put a new page…….. if u guyz have an idea telll me on this post i might evena use ur ideas if some of urideas that i dont like i wont doo and dont get mad/sad if i dont use ur ideas thank u bye!!!!!




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  1. dude can i be encharge of ur web when you go? here are my ideas that ill do picturecontest/commentcontest, post a page all about ur viewers and they could tell me/you what they want on the page, advertize your site alot,and do polls on your web? so yah can i be in charge?

  2. uhhh no i dont think soo im going to leave it to palkia/crzy

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