Mohd need help!!! Belive Me!!!! serious!!

May 27, 2008 at 11:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 19 Comments

ok guyz i found this out like 3 days ago now im going to post it!! go to!!! Chewypup hacked him!!!! and deleted mohd from being a admin belive me guyz…. and he did it to watex to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg this guy is making me mad im going to cuss him out guyz plz belive me chewypup is really mean!!! and chewy deleted mohd from commenting on his [ mohds ] website!!

If u guys belive me comment someone has to ask chewy to be a admin then u can delete him form being a admin….. report chewy to wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hate chewy chewy is so mean………… and stupid u guys plz belive me!!!! if u wanna help go ahead i hate chewy i hate him i hate him hes a fuc****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  1. Hi marine. sorry about what i did. Ur right chewy is mean he used to edit peoples comments and make them look stupid for no reason


  3. who me or chewy?

  4. no hes talking about chewy and im sorry to spike i should not edit ur comments and i should not cus im tring to stop cusing but its really hard with chewy

  5. dude add me to yer blog roll and i’ll add u so u get loads of hits!

  6. maybe not now maybe we can make a deal duzz chewy hate did u cuss/swear at her if u didnt u hav to ask him to be a admin then delete him then we can add mohd back!

  7. i understand. theres noway chewy is nice. he worked with alot of blogs and they deleted him for being mean, editing comments, and trying to hack the site so he could own it.

    o and if u wanna chat with me or my frinds my chat link is

  8. marine mohd got his site back!

  9. Hey Marine Kallo, it’s your buddy, fire089.I believe u when u said chewypup hacked watex and mohd.That is why i am going to help u get him back for what he did to watex and mohd.That ******* thinks he could hack people and get away with it.Well he is wrong.Wrong i tell u!What he did makes me mad just thinking about it.He is going down and I’m helping u take him there.

  10. Hey marine Kallo, it’s your buddy fire089.We can’t take that guy down together, so i am going to tell my friend bormey4552 to help out.He even knows Rockhopper’s password!He gave me it and I went to Rockhopper Island.I didn’t even have to ban Rockhopper!he will help.(P.S.I’ll have to pull a few strings to convince him, but one of his favorite cp websites are watex.So he might help get revenge on chewypup.

  11. Dear, Marine Kallo

    I just want to help a friend like watex, mohd and u get back at a scumbag mojon(piece of shit)like chewpup.

  12. hey viewers of marinekallo2.go join the force to ban chewypup at

  13. HEY FIRE THANX FOR HELP IT WAS FUNNY WHEN U CALLED HIM A shit lol! ummmmmmm mohd got his site back i helped though getting his site back

  14. Hey marine kallo, it is your buddy fire089, we still have to ban chewy pup.That is the only way we could get revenge and get him super mad.And can i be in your site?I did leave u a comment on how cool your site is.And the comment about me helping u take down chewypup.And i even told u that a was going to put it on other sites. I put it on yingyang15’s site, dunkinrunkin’s site, and even bormey4552 brianking70 and my site.(Me, brianking70, and bormey4552 work in the the same site which is


  16. hey fire do u maen u want to be a admin or on my blogroll

  17. I mean an admin like palkia678.Your site is awsome.U can be part of mine(and bormey’s)site we would be a good team.

  18. Oh, and go to beanie at the last flag to your right at 6:00P.M.I’m having a welcome back party for brianking70 at the dock and it is gonna be of the hook!!!!Please go man.Go!!!!!!!WE are going to move from room to room.We are even going to have a snowball fight at the snow forts.(P.S.invite palkia678 and also, be on my team.And if u get bored, tell me, we could go to the mountains for a sled race.It is going to be the best party on cp ever known to penguins(like the ninla party brianking70 planed but better.If u go see u there!!!!!!!

  19. Put me on the blog too

    and ill put you on my new blog im busy makein one.

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