This is my first slide!

May 26, 2008 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 35 Comments


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  1. great job dude!

  2. thanx!

  3. wanna go on clubpenguin right now?

  4. im going to make more that are way better and ull see them more easily… if u want to u can be in a slide wit me in like a week!

  5. ok ya id love to

  6. yah frozen at the dock!

  7. ok im going right now

  8. ill be at the dock

  9. cool

  10. frozen is full go to brumby

  11. at the dock

  12. my name is issuecena

  13. ok

  14. go on brumby

  15. at the dock becouse frozen is full

  16. want to start the slide now

  17. hey we should start it and we should do a scary one!

  18. ya

  19. hey meet me here in 20 min!

  20. ok on this site or in clubpenguin?

  21. im back

  22. ok cool!!!

  23. cheatgome say hi im cheatgnome

  24. ok dude

  25. cheatgnome lets do it later my computer is slow now

  26. wanna do a pic

  27. ok thats fine

  28. ya ill do a pic

  29. ookk wat funny pic should we do!

  30. idk l

  31. hmmmmmmmm go to the dock

  32. lets do a pic where we shot guns at each other

  33. \ok

  34. Hey dude if you want to make vids just type in google zd soft download, you can record and post your own vids!

  35. ok thanx!

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