Contest winners and my first slide!!

May 26, 2008 at 5:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 20 Comments

ok guyz thanks for joining my contest!!! it was a great contest!! and it was prety close! thank you for comment here are the winners.

Cheatgnome got in first place!! congratulations!

Cpmeto2222 got 2nd place!! congratulations!

Agent60706 got 3rd place!! congratulations!

ookkk guys! u did a great job!  And about my slide it was my first one!!! and i guess its all right if u wanna see it go to the slide page and ull see it plz comment how good i did! plz remember it was my first one!!

cheatgnome ill do ur prize now u are on my blogroll forever and we just did the pic! [ u can be in other pics wit me still] and ill post ur site go to to its the best site ever. ok cheatgnome i gave u the first place prize!

Now for Cpmeto2222 ur prize is gets there penguin pic on my site ok meto all u do is post the pic on ur site and ill copy and paste is on ur site or ill meet u on cp.. just meet me on cp when i see u ill do the pic of ur penguin!

And now Agent60706 u get ur blog on my blogroll! or i will get u 5,000 coins [ trust me i wont bann u just give me ur password. email me. my name is ok hav a great day remember to tell me which one u want agent!





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  1. cool!!!!

  2. yah! im back!

  3. are you on?

  4. yah

  5. are you still on?

  6. yah!

  7. go to chat and well talk

  8. ok

  9. Hey,
    Awesome site! Keep up the great work!! Visit my site at!

  10. cool

  11. how long do i get to be in yout blogroll

  12. forever

  13. cheatgnome are u on!

  14. ok i pick…………..

  15. Blogroll

  16. ok good choice

  17. wats ur site called again

  18. ok ur blog is on my blogroll

  19. hey dude im on now are you?

  20. yah im here i just got done with my math homework
    and with all my other homework

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