New penguin and Muai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 25, 2008 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

my new penguin name is Marinekallo2……… remember that okk!! and just call my name and ill be friends with anybody!! sooooo yahhh…. i did that so people would reconize me!! heres a pic of him.


heres my new penguin i didnt feel like doing the long way for the pic so i just did it this way but this pic is better!!!!!!!

 yah i will be going to mauii island! and this is going to be the first time ive been on a plane and im really nervous im going. i will be staying there for 9 days. im going june 24!      and ill probaly be busy surfing all day in the ocean at maui soo im going to put someone is charge [maybe!!] sooo thats all for now cya!





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  1. ooo can i be incharge

  2. maybe i dont think i can trust u

  3. hey meto ur in 2nd place in the contest!

  4. Nice new penguin!
    Comment back

  5. Hey!

    Your header is done. I hope you like it!


  6. ok thanx but could u put more flames and thunder and some more cool stuff on it thanx…

  7. hey palkia u there!!!!

  8. hey when you go on the plane n=be clam too ok

  9. ok thanx

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