It might be the end!

May 25, 2008 at 3:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 22 Comments

hey huyz umm im probaly going to close down my site…. but i would like to hear ur opions….

we barley hav any HItz and this stuff is hard…. i wanna make cpmv but none would teach me soooo…im going to keep on tring and ill be really busy cause i hav a lot of basketball and i hav school work soooo and im pretty tired of posting cheats sooo… i might hav a contest that whoever gives the best comment why u should be the new owner of this site will get it………. BUT REMEMBER I MIGHT! SO DONT GET UR HOPES UP!



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  2. dude dont quit. and if you want i can tell you how to make a cpmv.

  3. sure cheatgnome could u teach me how to

  4. good job cheat

  5. dont quit…. I know its hard to run one I mean look at me! I have school, homework, tennis, baseball, and life but I still keep on with my site! If you make me an adim maybe I can not own your site but like just update it with Club Penguin stuff for you…

  6. maybe….. if i kno how to do cpmv i would keep this site.

  7. Hey, don’t quit. I’ll get you views, if you want.
    What Cpmeto2222 said: Your worked really hard to make this site. Don’t quit. Even when things go wrong! Don’t quit!!


  8. well i wouldn’t quit… i want to learn cpmv how to do them and if i learned how to do that i would keep on updating

  9. Ohh, okay. Coolio. I just wanna know how to upload movie Maker without putting a virus on my comp.

  10. wat thats wat im trying to do upload windows movie maker!

  11. i though t it was already in ur files

  12. dont quit , i will get you more views than watex well close to it mabey but dude comon i dont want u to delete it common if u make me owner ill do pics with u and cheats hole bunch of stuff so dont quit

  13. hey I dont know how to make a party invetation either my best bud (in real life and cp) blahdy is making one for me he knows how!

  14. i dont care about this site anymore im just going to close it down im really sad today…..
    because my freakin sister!!! my sister is 16 shes a freak!!! she cusses at me for no reason i walk past hher then she says the b word at me! and she goes in my room and steels stuff she stole my bros ipod and sold it for drugs and smoke! [ she smokes pot and does all that crap] one day she got drunk and went to the hostipal!!! TODAY IM SO SAD BECAUSE SHE STOLE MY IPOD AND SOLD IT TODAY!!!! And 2 months ago she sold my psp!!!!
    why me i hav to live miserbale!!! my parents are gettig a devorse!!!! DID U GUYZ KNOW SHES BEEN TO JUVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG IM SO SAD I HAV TO BE HER SISTER ITS SO IMBERRISING!

  15. srry same thing with my bro….

  16. wat??? how old is ur bro has he been to juvy does he smoke and all that

  17. no hes not i was just trying to make you cheer up BUT LISTEN TO THIS TRUE STORY THATS GOING ON IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!!! my dad died when i was only 2 years old now im living with this mean stupid step dad who has been in jail 2 times he got on drugs (A LOT) he says the F word at least 30 times a day HE BROKE MY LAP TOP he is soooooooo mean to my mom. he INSALTS ME!!!!! AND SO MUCH MORE BAD THINGS IT GETS ME SOOOOO MAD! WHY WONT MY MOM DEVORCE HIM ALREADY!!!!!!!! HE HATES HIM BECAUSE HE ALWAYS CURSES AND SAYS BAD STUFF TO HER GRRRRRRR 😡 IF HE FINDS OUT IM LEAVING THIS COMMNT ILL NEVER SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN BECAUSE HE WILL BRAKE THE FAMILYS COMPUTER LIKE HE DID MY LAP TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE JUST SMASHED MY LAP TOP RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE TO BRAKE IT!!! But luckily I live with my Grandpa Grandma Brother And Mom there all SORTA nice…. o and he broke my wii to..

  18. omg wat a freakin jerk…. my parents are really nice but there getting divorced.. im sad cuz there all cool… i feel bad ur dad died omg thats sad could i do anything that would cheer u up

  19. cry cry cry BE STRONG PALKIA cry cry cry no im fine but im at frozen dock right now try to go there

  20. but hes gone till like 8:00 in the morning to like 6:00 at night at his Fish Store job so thats pretty nice

  21. oh! i feel so bad for u! plz dont quit this is the best website ever.. its even better then mine and watexs!!

  22. ur really jealous uve had ur site way longer then me and i got more hitz and comments lets ask everybody else to see whos is better and people alcually tell me good comments un like u u dont hav any comments [ good] they write bad ones but they dont even visit ur site soooo u kno wat look at ur blog u are blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and go away stop visiting my site and ummmmmm if someone asks u a question and u say i im not telling u thats not very smart….. i thought clubpenguin blogs were helpful unlike u!!!!!

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