Funny Pic

May 11, 2008 at 1:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 18 Comments



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  1. lol

  2. nice!

  3. i kno

  4. this is not better than watex and wweadams!!! you only have 350 hits!

  5. hey dude can you get me one of those headers.

  6. ummmmmm maybe idk

  7. hey ummmm mrfun dont be such a dork……!
    yah i only had this site for like 2weeks!!!!
    and i have 450! beat that f*****r

  8. hey can you add me as an admin yet

  9. ohh yah im sorry about that uhhhhhhhhhhhhh hold on which job will let u work for this site and when u come on it will come as a hit

  10. what?

  11. like when u com on it wont count as a hit and i need hits and u com on my website alot

  12. it will count as a hit

  13. u will??

  14. alright i need ur email!

  15. how do yuo make edits?? like change the letters??

  16. wat do u mean…. um do u mean to make them bold

  17. ok when u post something there should be a bold B
    in the post place near the title

  18. lol funny

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